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Texas A&M Reveille Pacifier

Texas A&M Reveille Pacifier

The must have pacifier for every Aggie baby. The Texas A&M Reveille animal plush mascot is removable with a clip on, clip off feature, enabling you to change out the pacifier, mascot or even the function of the product.

Once you’ve retired your baby from a pacifier, you can clip Reveille, the plush animal, onto a keychain or backpack or just use it as a forever toy or even a Christmas ornament.

For best results, follow the below instructions.

Plush toy: wash plush product in cold water on the gentle cycle in a linen bag. Use low tumble or air dry for the best results.

Pacifier: wash gently with warm water and soap.

Pacifier is recommended for newborns and/or babies without teeth and is not recommended for teething. The plush product is great for all ages! Measures 6.5" L x 4" W.
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